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The full-featured mind mapping and brainstorming app. Like a Swiss Army Knife S mind® offers a complete toolset for thinking and creativity.


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Unleash Your Creativity

S mind's intuitive features give everyone the ability to spark creativity and create mind maps for just about anything.

  • Curated features for you to generate ideas
  • Inspire creativity
  • Bring efficiency both in work and life
DB Schema Management

Think with Structures

Visual mind mapping with S mind becomes more powerful with well-designed structures.

Config and Environment

Outline your thoughts hierarchically

Outliner is a dedicated view to display your thoughts in hierarchically-order. It is also a quicker way to jot down notes.

State Management

ZEN Mode

ZEN Mode helps declutter your thoughts and improve concentration. ZEN Mode is full-screen, in which all the extra panels will be hidden. This helps you stay focused on what matters most, your thoughts.

Stripe Integration

Color Theme

We’ve tuned every detail of structures and topics for each Skeleton and provide various balanced color palettes. Combine Skeletons and Color Themes your way, and you’re set to start mind mapping.

Style System

Exquisite Themes and Style

Create mind maps that are uniquely your own and stand out with visually engaging mind maps in a breeze.

Essential Mind Toolbox

Intuitive tools made for organizing thoughts and adding further information to your mind map.

Style System


Use Relationship to connect two relevant ideas with customizable line style and text description.

Style System


Add a conclusion or recap to a group of ideas easily using a Summary.

Style System


A handy tool for highlighting topics that share similarities or mark special concepts.

Style System


A great variety of neat icons for marking priorities, assignment of tasks, progress, etc. Display and customize marker names in legend.

Style System


To reach conciseness, you can put additional text information into extendable notes and view them anytime you need.

Style System


Use tag for simple notation and categorization. Identify and highlight topics with labels using Navigation Panel.

Other Key Features

SVG IconSVG IconSVG Icon
SVG IconSVG IconSVG Icon


Supports PNG, PDF, SVG, Markdown, Word, Excel, Json, and other useful formats like OPML and TextBundle.

Style System

Math Equation

LaTeX command allows you to present mathematical and chemical formulas elegantly.

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